Saturday, October 14, 2017

Running some Demos at the Club

In an attempt to fight a bit my gaming/painting ennui I decide to host a game demo day at the Karargah Club. My intention was to demo SAGA, Kiss me Hardy and Perfidious Albion. In the end I ran demos of Saga and Perfidious Albion. I had a good time and remembered how much I enjoy SAGA as a system (I have not played a game in almost 4 years)

For starters I ran a 4 point Saga game with War-hammer Proxies  (the club has an majority of members who play 9th Age)

Highborn Elves (Vikings) vs. Sylvan Elves (Anglo-Danish)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A general update: WW2, Salvation and Catastrophe, Ennui, Painting

The start of the semester has found my war-gaming energy a bit down. On the one hand I have been very active in scenario writing and reading rules. "Rommel" by Sam Mustafa and "I aint been shot mum" by Too Fat Lardies (IABSM) have been used by me both as inspirations for WW2 gaming on the Greek front, and as ways to divert some of the current enthusiasm for Bolt Action (And secondarily Flames of War) in Turkey to what I see as superior games. As a result I wrote two scenarios for the Greek front in WW2, both concerning parts of the Battle of Pindus 27th-31st October 1940, during the initial Italian attack on Greece. One scenario is at platoon to company level  for IABSM and the other is a divisional level game for "Rommel". You can find both at my scenario page.

10mm IABSM game

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Update with Bloody Big Balkan Battles Playtesting

Report from the great war excersises

The play-testing continues. Here is the current tally. Scenarios with the CLOSED label are play tested enough for final modifications and need no further palytesting.

Sarantaporo: 2 Playtests (Chris Pringle)-CLOSED
Dioran: 3 Playtests (Me)-CLOSED
Kilkis-Lahana: 2 Playtests (Me)-CLOSED
Lule-Burgs: 3 Playtests (2 Me, 1 Morten Kristien Andersen)-CLOSED
Kirkkilise: 2 Playtests (Chris Pringle)-CLOSED
Yiannitsa: 2 (Chris Pringle)-CLOSED
Prilep: 2 Playtest (Me)-CLOSED
Chataldja: 1 Playtest (Me)
Kumanovo: 1 (Me )
Monastir: 1 (Me and Morten)
Bizani: 0
Breglanitza: 0
Kalimanchi: 0
Kresna Gorge :0
Secret non-Scenario Project: 0

This leaves 3 more scenarios that need an extra playtest, and 4 more that need 2 playtests.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Romanian National Military Museum Part III

Last year I visited Bucharest, Romania to visit a good friend. One of the sites I visited was the National Military Museum. One of the main galleries was closed. I had a chance to visit last week again, and this time the gallery I missed was open. So here you go with pictures. Covering mainly the 19th and 20th century. And jere are 421 photos for you, by me (click for larger image)

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Herald of Nurgle (Present for a friend)

As a present for one of my friends I bought and painted a Herald of Nurgle for Warhammer 40k.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My 28mm Collection

While I started war-gaming with 15mm (DBA), for a very long period I was a 28mm wargamer. Most of my friends played Warhmmaer 40k and most were committed to 28mm. But I never fully felt happy with either choice. Now-days I primarily war-game in  6-10mm scales, as I prefer either large scale operational games like BBB, or large skirmish games like IABSM (company level). I do have 28mm figures for war-gaming, the survivors of a previous era (A 1500 pts Space Marine force, and am ixed GW-Perry Minis 28mm force for Fantasy Games). But nowadays I relegate 28mm to small skirmish games (like Saga). And I collect them and paint them as collector figures, just like I used to do with 54mm figures. Here I will present some pictures of my 28mm figurine collection. There are two themes. One is the Napoleonic Era (Perry, Victrix, Foundry), and the other the Balkan Wars (Tiger Miniatures) Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Play-testing continued BBBB

Morten helped me play-test Monastir 1912. No question it will need another one and some tweaking, but he did like in general the feel, and the fact that Balkan War battles are very different from other periods.

With Monastir, 8 of the 14 scenarios have been play-tested once. Here are some pictures