Salvation and Catastrophe: The Greek-Turkish War 1919-1922

This page of the blog is dedicated to my multi-item project "Salvation and Catastrophe-Σωτηρία και Καταστροφή-Kurtuluş ve Felaket" which is dedicate to the 100 year anniversary of the Greek-Turkish War of 1919-1922 (know in Greece as the Asia-Minor Campaign  and in Turkey as the Western Front of the Turkish War of Independence".

Here you can find information, as it become available on the two hobby items that are part of the project. This is a scenario supplement for the Bloody Big Battles, and a boardgame based on the engine of Tim Taylor's "To the Last Man!" .For the academic part please consult my academic blog.

Currently I am at the collection of information part of this process. With Onur Buyuran we are working on compiling Orders of Battles for the various forces engaged in conflict in Asia Minor in the 1919-1923 period. 

A test map for the board-game has been created, but I am still back in the rules, as I wish to first get handle on available forces.

This project is a work in progress so slowly as times passes, and hopefully things progress, more information will be on this page.

I drew a potential basis for a cover for the game (click for larger image)

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